Saturday, November 05, 2005

Yoga day

I've been working on my paper today from home, that's Helene's apartment until her return at the end of November. Since the clocks went back an hour last weekend winter feels as though it is upon us, despite the weather actually being quite mild. I've only experienced a couple of very chilly days since arriving. But the dark - the days seem to be almost gone by the time they've just started. At least that's my perception. Darkness creeps up at about 3:00 pm and the feeling that one should be hurrying along to get home and warm is present in the strides and expressions of all the Stockholmers.

It's also been washing day. I've done three loads and emptied the garbage. At about 5pm I will start making my way to Yoga and may walk from Hornstull to get a bit of exercise (even if it will be quite dark by then!)

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