Thursday, November 24, 2005


Originally uploaded by Juzza.
Priscilla is apparently one of the first robots of The Humanoid Project here in Sweden. She was the star of the robotics exhibit at the Techniska Museet. When you stood in the centre of her gaze, she said something indecipherable and then giggled in a high pitch.


Dawno said...

Priscilla is a bit frightening. I still don't quite understand the thinking that we need humaniform robots. Wouldn't the fear they inspire would make them difficult to assimilate into normal life? I have a Roomba - it only scares the cat. I can't help but think that keeping robots small and not making them look like something from a SciFi movie will ultimately be the way to acceptance in our everyday life.

That said, the robotics area of the museum sounds like a lot of fun!

Ms M said...

Yes I agree, she looks like Frankensteins Bride. But I actually warmed to her, more than the robotic fur seal next to her, which was very cute and cat like and blinked at you. I think I liked how flawed she was as a human and sort of vulnerable. I mean she is quite monstruous. I felt like I cared for her, in a sense I wanted to gather her up, skeletal remains and cables alike and take her home. It was a strange emotional reaction.