Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Meet up at Linköpings universitet

Met up with the HCI crowd at the Dept of Computer Science and Informatics. I went with an open mind because I was a bit unsure about whether we would find any commonalities across disciplines. I needn't have worried, I found the meet up incredibly stimulating and received very positive feedback from Stefan, who invited me over to talk about my research.

It was the first time I've presented the direction of my research to anyone outside of my own research centre. I really appreciated how Stefan engaged with the material and gave me plenty of leads to follow up.

Started feeling like I was coming down with something some time during the day and am now feeling quite sick. I think I overdid it on the weekend and have contracted some nasty cold. Feeling achey, sore throat, stiff, headache and chesty. Hope the Panadol kicks in soon...


Anonymous said...

You have interesting posts on being a PhD student. Good luck and I hope to read more as you post.

just another phd student

Ms M said...

Thanks for your comment and good luck with your studies.