Saturday, November 26, 2005

Snowing in Malmö

I arrived in Malmö yesterday and parked myself in a hotel in the Old Town. It's very pretty here and since I hadn't heard much about Malmö I was pleasantly surprised how much I like it. It's quite small but very charming with lots of cobblestone streets and squares (Torget). Copenhagen is about 10 minutes away by train over an 18 Km bridge. I will be going there tomorrow morning some time. Today I conducted an interview with a staff member of the Ericsson Enterprise-Consumer Lab. It went very well with the one exception that I recorded the interview on a digital recorder and I think I pointed it away from M. when I interviewed him and consequently can hardly hear his voice. I'm hoping I can boost the volume once I transfer it to my computer. After the interview I went back to the hotel and it started to snow. I think that is quite unusual for Malmö which is pretty far south in Sweden. It was biting cold too and the wind gushed through the holes in my beanie and froze my scalp. It snowed all afternoon but melted as it hit the ground. For dinner I just spent my last Swedish Krona on a really nice meal of Gorgonzola pasta, a glass of white wine, chocolate cake and coffee. One of the best meals I've had since in Sweden. Yum...

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