Thursday, November 24, 2005

Paper to Högskolan Trollhättan-Uddevalla

I gave a lunch time seminar on my research for my PhD on Tuesday. The presentation went well. There were about 10 people present so it was quite a small but comfortable gathering. Helene gave me some very valuable feedback on the paper the other day and I think the presentation was a lot better as a consequence of the adjustments I made on the train on the way down to Göteburg. I've been staying at M's flat in Gbg. since arriving and have had a very enjoyable time here. I can take it a bit slowly this morning because my train to Malmö doesn't leave until 12:40pm. I feel like a real traveller now because I have to find a hotel on arriving in Malmö and don't know any one in the city. I'll be staying there overnight and will conduct an interview with some Ericsson staff tomorrow. After that I'm officially on holidays and will head for Copenhagen.

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