Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Flying down to Melbourne tomorrow to start the fieldwork on my second case study. I'm staying there for two days and flying back on Friday evening. So much going on at the moment on various fronts. Also have family visiting from Israel at the moment and this weekend is packed with social activities. I don't know whether I feel prepared for Melbourne or not. In some ways I feel less nervous because I've notched up quite a bit of experience now conducting interviews. However, I don't really know how compatible my tools; interview questions and diary etc, are for this particular organisation. I've tried to design them generically enough to work for both organisations but I'm not sure...

I finally managed to send off my 8 page summary to the AOIR conference organisers for the Doctoral Colloquium. My understanding is that these will be distributed to the other students participating in the Colloquium. I really need to start drafting the paper for the conference.

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