Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Best dumpling noodle soup ever!

I just had the most delicious dumpling noodle soup in a little side alley off the main drag of Chinatown in Melbourne, aka Little Bourke St. I arrived just in time. It was packed but there were little odd spots for single noodlers to squeeze into. By the time I left, there was a queue of hungry looking after workers snaking out the door and around the corner. The dumplings were mushroom and vegetable. I'm vegie and always in search of interesting and tasty vegie meals. They were devine. Best dumplings. Did I say they were good? They were superb and obviously a Melbourne secret.


Lucy C said...

Hi Justine.
I have started a blog of my own.
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M-H said...

Hi I was sent a link to your blog by Clif Evers at Usyd. Can you email me pse? mhward/at/usyd/dot/edu/dot/au I think we might have some stuff in common! Thx