Wednesday, August 23, 2006

"Culture and Technology"

I returned from Melbourne to be swept up with teaching a course at UTS called "Culture and Technology". Haven't had time to scratch myself. Just before flying down to Melbourne, the Program Coordinator of Writing and Cultural Studies at UTS rang me to request that I take this course for three weeks. The regular lecturer had received news about a family tragedy and had to drop everything and go. Crazily, I said yes and within a few days of returning from Melbourne found myself teaching this course. I've really enjoyed the class, and it's a great program. It's probably the main reason I agreed to take it. I looked at the outline and thought "I'd like to take a course like that". It's been great but I've spent a lot of time preparing for the classes. I have one class to go. Last week was on cyborgs, this week on Foucault and Crary, next week on Heidegger. I'm going to feel sad saying goodbye to the students so quickly. I feel very fondly towards them and I've only been teaching them for two weeks.

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