Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Recruitment momentum

Slowly getting back into the PhD. Brain very slow still after holiday, settling in, animal dramas etc. I met with my supervisor and am now focusing my efforts on recruiting an organisation or two to participate in my study. I have a few leads and am casting the net as wide as I can. Just in case anyone reading this blog has any contacts in a suitable organisation, here is the email I'm circulating.

Seeking organisation/business to take part in research project
I am seeking an organisation to take part in an exciting research project for my PhD research. I am particularly interested in the ways that organisations apply technologies to improve their work practices or processes such as teleworking, work on the move, solutions for collaborative work and new office space arrangements. The organisation must be located in Sydney and have approximately between 50 and 200 employees.

My PhD project will look at the everyday experiences of office workers using information and communication technology and will cover issues such as:

-everyday experiences including problems with computing technology
-previous user experience with computer technologies
-organisational and self-management, personalisation and customisation of individual workspaces and collaborative environments
-perceptions of change brought about by computer technologies on work practices, self and the organisation

By participating in this project your organisation will be contributing to a better understanding of how people negotiate technology in their daily work lives and will help us to understand the implications of technology use on work practices and processes. Participation in the project is totally voluntary for all staff in the organisation. The research will be conducted in the first half of this year and the arrangements for the research will be coordinated with the organisation. If you are considering that your organisation might be able to participate in this study please contact Justine Humphry for further discussion on 02 9517 4616 or

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