Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hot, hot, hot

Geez it's humid today. It's taking me a while to adjust to the Sydney January weather after my winter abroad in Northern and Central Europe. I've always enjoyed the cooler times of year more than the summer months. I like the crisp chill of a clear winter morning in Sydney, the feeling of being invigorated by the cold and the cool air in your throat and mouth when you inhale. I like getting rugged up in layers of clothes and clomping around in heavy boots. I enjoy the feeling of moving from outside to inside and actually detecting a change in temperature - unlike summer where the house is just as muggy as it is in the backyard.

My cat went missing last night and this morning. My partner and I had a short period of panic calling for her and searching in all the likely nooks and crevices. It's unlike her not to come in for a drink and feed in the evening. We both shared our fears that she had been snatched by someone in the street. We get very concerned about our little furry dependents. Calming down, we suspected she was under the house, stretched out on the damp dirt. We called and called but she didn't come. Eventually I heard a very quiet mieow and she appeared in our neighbours backyard. She too finds this weather uncomfortable and probably discovered a nice cool spot somewhere a few houses down.

I have arranged to meet my supervisor tomorrow morning at Uni. First time I've been out there in three months or so. I'm not feeling very prepared. I think I've forgotten what I'm doing and have little momentum right now - that's the problem with taking an extended holiday I think. Hopefully the meeting will help to get me moving and also thinking again.

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