Thursday, January 19, 2006

Frankenstein's Bride

Originally uploaded by Juzzzy.
It's been a cat-astrophic week. Actually it's turned out OK. Our cat disappeared again and then we discovered a lump on her back. She was behaving a bit oddly so I took her to the vet early this week. Turns out she was in a cat fight and was bitten a number of times. An absyss developed as a result of the bites and she was running a fever. The vet recommended an operation the next day to drain the absyss. She has been home for a day or two now and though a bit horrifying to look at has pretty much come good. Here she is gazing out the window. "How dare they keep me locked up inside. It's outrageous."


Mac said...

Glad she's home and well. :)

Ms M said...

Thanks Mac - besides her shaved spot she has this scarey looking tube that appears to go straight through her body but acually sits just under the surface of her skin. Today she's pretty much back to normal but keeps trying to bite our her "tube" and can't believe we won't let her outside. Surely I'm not anthropomorphising when I detect a distinct expression of disbelief for not letting her out when she asks. Hope I wasn't too narky on my recent post. Your thoughts always make me ponder even those areas I may have felt quite "comfortable" with. Good thing too.

Mac said...

I didn't think you were narky at all. I've just stopped smoking, and find my tolerance and patience to gently answer invasive questions from straight acquaintances has been radically reduced, of late.

All I could see for the future, when I made the post, was waves more of such questions.