Friday, September 01, 2006

Observation sessions and teaching

I had another observation session this morning at the Council. I've completed nine so far and have six to go at the Council and another four at the Telco in Melbourne. They've been going very well but it's difficult to organise all the data. I'm going to concentrate on this side of things over the next week or so. I have a joint meeting with my three supervisors on September 21st and I feel a little all over the place with my Phd. It's not that I haven't been working hard, it's just a bit fragmented at the moment and I have been doing quite a lot of non-PhD work. I'd really like to aim to have all my observations completed at the Council before the joint supervisory meeting.

I'm considering doing one more class for the "Culture and Technology" program. I don't feel that I have to but if I hear the Uni hasn't found anyone by Monday I'll think about doing this Wednesday's class on Intimate Machines 2. This would mean the Uni need only cover one lecture and if the class is cancelled for the following Wednesday then the students only miss out on one class. I must admit, I was shocked to discover that the Program Director has gone overseas and forwarded the coordination on to an Acting Program Director. I didn't even know he was going overseas and then received an auto-reply to an email this morning asking if he'd had any success finding someone to take the classes.

It's a gorgeous Sydney Spring day. The jasmine is out and the wind is warm. I'm excited about doing some work on the house. We finally got our development application in just over a week ago. The work we are proposing is pretty minor compared to most renovations. I'm hoping we don't have difficulties finding a builder that's prepared to do a small job. It's certainly not the "gut and smeg" that you commonly see done on inner city terraces - but it does involve demolishing the kitchen and bathroom.

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glen said...

yo, I'll do a couple of lectures if they need someone?

(and your phd progress seems really good!!!! i am totally jealous!)