Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Meeting with supervisors

I'm meeting tomorrow with all three of my supervisors. I feel practically but not mentally prepared. I think all the non-phd work I've been doing as well as the fieldwork has distanced me somewhat from my thesis. I'm going to try getting up early and do a bit more work on it in the morning. I re-drafted the AOIR paper and circulated this to my supervisors. I hope to get some constructive comments tomorrow on the paper.

The trees that council planted a little while back are all doing very well. The residents express their pleasure to me when I bump into them on the street. One of the trees has died but I think it was sick when the planted it. The next street activity that I know about is a street wide garage sale that I believe is in the wings for early November. We've been talking about this off and on for about three years and finally it's to happen, perhaps. I hope everyone participates. It will be huge.


Anonymous said...

I think you are brilliant!!

Ms M said...

Is that you mum? Thanx for coming last night to my accappella concert.