Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Paper over

I presented my paper on Friday to the other postgrads and I'm glad the Research Coordinator cajoled us into participating in the 'mock conference' despite it falling at a busy time for me. I received some very valuable feedback and didn't feel as nervous presenting as I have in the past. I also found out that one of the other students has used a diary technique and today I'm going to email her and see if I can find out more.

I've received four consent forms from participants at the council who indicated their interest in being involved in the research. I need to follow up on some of the others who haven't sent their consent forms back. This part of finalising the participants and scheduling the fieldwork is really fiddly and takes much longer than you expect. I'm hoping to go down to Melbourne in the next week or two just for the day to visit the Business Development Unit of the Telco. I'm really looking forward to that.

I'm still dreaming about a delicious apple crumble that a friend made for Sal and myself on Saturday night. Mmmmm.....


Mac said...

...apple crumble.

I've not had breakfast yet. That sound wonderful.


Glad to see you're still churning along, tearin' 'em up. *g*

Ms M said...

We reproduced the recipe successfully on the weekend and had apple crumble for breakfast. Heavenly.

Thanx for dropping by Mac, your company is always welcome around this neck of the blogs.