Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Prague to Krakow

Tomorrow we're catching the train to Krakow. Eight and half hours. We didn't think we'd get there for various reasons but mainly because we stayed in Berlin for a few days longer than expected. We'll hang out in Krakow for a few days and visit Birkenau and Auschwitz then take the long train journey to Budapest. Ten and a half hours.


Mac said...

oy--awfully serious places to visit, eh? You're on the train for ungodly amounts of time, but that's always sort of fun.

Merry Christman, Ms M--in case you're not back on blog before then. :)

Mac said...

Christmas...I meant Christmas

*headsmack* Typing one-handed is taking it's toll.

Ms M said...

Hi Mac, Yes we are travelling a bit on trains. This section is the biggest stretch. But I really wanted to visit Krakow specifically to go to Auschwitz-Birkenau. Went there yesterday. Very cold, grim and moving...

You have a great holiday yourself.
take care