Friday, October 14, 2005

Hornsgaten in Mariatorget

Hornsgaten in Maria Torget
Originally uploaded by Juzza.
A typical street scene on Hornsgaten, literally Horns Street. I've started a collection of "clock shots". I have never seen such an array of public clocks in a city before. One never need to keep one's own time in Stockholm. The time is always on display...


Mac said...

Ah! What a lovely place to be out exploring. *grin*

You sound like you're very much appreciating it, too.

Ms M said...

Hi Mac - yes it's really beautiful in Stockholm. I feel incredibly fortunate to have this experience. Hope things are going well with your writing.

mira said...

Hiya !

This is my street :) !! I moved here a year ago and every day I discover something new. I shall look out for that clock tomorrow :)