Tuesday, October 11, 2005

First day at ACSIS

This is my first morning at ACSIS in Norrköping and I am sitting in my allocated office which looks out to the old industrial buildings that have been restored and the Norkköping river which surrounds the centre. I caught the X2000 (extremely fast) train from Stockholm and sat next to Johan, the Director of the centre, on the train. He drew me a very detailed organisational map of the university and its various departments and academics and their interrelations with ACSIS on a piece of paper while we sped through the misty landscape at about 200Km an hour. Yesterday was my first day in Sweden and Helene showed me around Stockholm. She has been exceptionally generous and kind to me and I met some of her friends (all PhD students) last night. One of them is doing her research on mailing lists and gender on the Internet.

For someone who is interested in systems, Sweden is a very interesting place to visit. I have been fascinated by all the systems they have here - for managing people and everyday life - in the train station
and in the apartment buildings, tourist bureau and offices. There are also a lot of clocks in Stockholm too. I have never seen so many clocks, on buildings and walls around town. I was also delightfully surprised on my first day here to see many dogs with their owners catching trains on the Underground (Tunnelbana). Like France, pets are allowed on public transport and in apartment buildings.

Tomorrow I will be giving a brief presentation during the monthly secret event. I have brought with me all the bits and pieces (caps, pens and publications) to hand out and will say a little bit about myself and CCR.

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