Friday, March 04, 2005

Lost in the Burbs

I got lost yesterday trying to find my way to an orientation for research students. It was one of those circular, maze like new suburbs on the fringes of the city. One minute I was driving past a long stretch of grassy hillocks and the next I was in a dense suburb of yellow and red brick kit homes built on a snaking main artery with lots of promising looking offshoots that turned out to be cul-de-sacs. I felt the panic rising when I realised that I had got myself completely disoriented and lost glimpse of the big grassy knoll with the building on the top of it that I'd been using as a landmark. I kept thinking of the new series of "LOST".

This new series has me gripped and has blitzed my long standing obsession with ER on at the same time. The combination of islands, an airplane crash, paranormal activities, psychic disturbances and the promise of self discovery is just too irresistable. I went in search for a new LOST desktop pattern and was disappointed to discover that there is one available for just about every character on the show except for Hurley. My favourite character! What's wrong with having a geek for wallpaper?

Had a second meeting with my supervisor later in the afternoon and have arranged some upcoming meetings and milestones. I've decided to meet my other two supervisors individually to seek their input and get a better sense of how their particular interests and approach can contribute to the process.

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