Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Wednesday Sunday

It really feels like Sunday. Having a public holiday in the middle of the week is weird. I'm not sure about you lot but I have always thought of the week as a bit of a slide downwards towards the weekend. You sort of build up a bit of necessary momentum, then there is hump day (Wed) and by Thursday you know that there is only one day to go before the weekend and Friday is the delicious bit at the end of the slide where it all goes a bit faster and suddenly you're off the edge, into the great unknown. There used to be a bit of comfort gained in the routine inevitability of the rhythm of the week, only to be interrupted by the occasional public holiday (thank goodness). But now that I am a student again, my week metaphor is all up the spout. Maybe it's time for a new one.

Well my meeting went really well. I was very nervous. My supervisor gave me some great ideas and tools to get me started. It feels so much like the start up process of my old business - very organic and individual. OK so there are structures and processes that can be adopted, but essentially it is a creative act. I'd sort of forgotten all this or didn't really consider it when I applied but perhaps unconsciously this is one of the aspects of the PHD that I am attracted to. Making something out of nothing. Cool.

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