Friday, January 21, 2005

Fish out of water

I didn't think that platties could fly but they can. Last night the biggest of the platties was found on the floor of the study about a metre away from the fish tank. It was mighty lucky that it hadn't been trodden on because we were both in the study and our feet were dangerously close. The dog was the one who discovered it. I noticed her nosing something and became curious myself and looked down. I'm so glad she didn't eat it.

I thought it was dead. Its eye looked unseeing and cold. But have you noticed that fish eyes look like this whether dead or alive? I cupped my hands to lift it and it leapt up falling hard and with a bit of a splat a few centimetres away. I managed to contain it in my palms and released it back into its natural environment. The fishy is OK today. I was a little worried about its chances of survival but its still swimming around.

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