Tuesday, April 03, 2007

marrickville metro

marrickville metro
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Our first shopping expedition with Casper. We walked down to the lovely Marrickville Metro. Usually not my favourite place for an afternoon out but today it was like disneyland after being in the house for the last two weeks. All three of us got cheap t-shirts from a bargain basement fashion house.


M-H said...

It's a funny place, Metro. I have been lost there more than once. I'll bet it was busy today!

Lucy C said...

Aaah. The joys of the first trip out with the pram.
I still clearly remember the day I took Kathryn to Centennial Park, in the car, with the pram, by myself!
I was so nervous I wouldn't know how to 'unfold' the pram that I made sure I met up with friends so they could help me in case I came unstuck.
A baby comes with so many 'firsts'. Some of them fun and some of them incredibly difficult.
Enjoy them all because they fly by so quickly.
Before we know it our kids will be learning to drive and leaving home!

Ms M said...

Yes well prams are hard to unfold at the best of times let alone when sleep deprived and doing something completely new. Yes, I think most of the "firsts" are the parent's rather than the baby's, at least in our case they are! Hope you're doing well. Juz.