Friday, March 16, 2007

In the State Library

Unconcerned with arbitrary due dates set by medical practitioners and dating scans, baby is staying put for the moment, one week after its "due date". S. and I are in a state of suspense wondering just when labour will start. It's a very good exercise in patience and adopting a 'take it as it comes' attitude. Since we have a little more preparation time, S. is making the most of catching up with friends, having naps and nesting. I'm doing a bit of that too, but today I've decided to get a bit of work done on my Phd at the State Library. I'm trialling the NSW State Library on Macquarie Street as a potential place to do occasional work on my thesis while on parenting leave and more permanently from June when I return to study full time.

The jury is out yet on whether the State Library is a suitable place to work for the longer term. I am feeling more settled after a few hours but the level of disciplining of the library users here truly gives me the shites. Of course, it does depend slightly on who is working on the day, but the execution of the rules and regulations and technologies of access and control are really quite oppressive. Twice, I've heard security officers explain that some of these rules are to prevent homeless people "living in the library". Honestly, if it meant having a toilet inside the library proper instead of outside the security gates, and being able to hire overnight lockers - then I think it would be worth sharing the space with a few people who may not have permanent abodes. Why is there a problem with homeless people using the library as a home-while-they-have-no-home anyway?


Meredith said...

I agree completely about libraries & homeless people. A few years ago UTS installed brutal guillotine-style barriers that only open when you swipe your card - I'm sure partly to keep out the homeless.

Anyway, I am watching my blogroll with great anticipation of your baby. Best of luck & love.

Lucy C said...

Come on Baby!
I need something to cheer me up and news of your arrival would go some way to doing that.

I hate it when I see park benches designed so they can't be slept on by the homeless.
Would it be such a bad thing to find someone asleep on a park bench in the morning? And yet they persist in trying to stop them!!!

It makes me sad.

Ms M said...

It's actually quite comforting to know there are good people thinking positive thoughts and best wishes. Thanks both of you. Just took S. to acupuncture - hopefully will get things moving. Ms M.

M-H said...

Watching, watching. All of mine were more-or-less late and I remember that horrible long waiting time. As for the homeless in libraries, they are assumed to be infested (with fleas etc) and also to smell, thus being offensive to 'real' patrons.

Lucy C said...

Come on baby!
My first was on time and my second was early so I didn't have to do the boring waiting.
They come when they are ready but it is hard to be patient!
Maybe going for a big long walk or shopping for hours and hours!
Maybe the shock of spending too much $$$ will bring on labour!!!

Lucy C said...

Hey, by the way, who says I am a good person?!?!
I just want something happy to cheer me up!