Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Qwerty's coming home

My dog is coming home from vet hospital today. We are picking her up in an hour and I can't wait to bring her home. Last Tuesday morning she looked a bit under the weather and was off her food. By Wednesday night she was seriously ill and by Thursday morning, she had a blood transfusion. It turned out she has an autoimmune illness which means that her white blood cells were destroying her red blood cells. This made her seriously jaundiced and anaemic. She is now on immune suppressant medication and her red blood cell level has been steadily rising since last Thursday. We've been visiting daily and praying to all the dog gods in the universe that she would make a speedy recovery. In addition to some prayer, we thought that we'd mix it up a bit and so we've been sending good vibes and asking all our friends to think positive thoughts for Qwerty every day. We have many neighbours, the lady in the cafe around the corner, many friends and family all sending her positive thoughts. Thanks everybody...

This did put a bit of a spoke in the field work but not a major one. I had to reschedule a few interviews but I've completed six so far and have another four arranged for this week. I've had a few more recruits come through from the Council and I rearranged my trip down to Melbourne for August 10th. This is probably a better time anyway since I'll be a good way through my Council field work by then.

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