Sunday, April 09, 2006

Recruitment breakthrough

Two organisations I had approached to participate in my research have agreed to be involved. One of them is a Business Development Unit of a very large global telecommunications company based in Melbourne that has been experimenting with new technology solutions for the office on themselves for the last year. They haven't rolled out the solution to any other organisations yet. The other one is a Sydney city council. I was surprised to receive such a fast response from them but the Head of IT contacted me by email and said my project had been approved. Suddenly I can see the research coming to fruition when it felt that I'd never secure a research subject. I'm meeting the Head of IT of the Council tomorrow to discuss the research logistics and timetable. I've also been doing some research on the history of the office at the State Library. It has been interesting to see when references to the office and office equipment and mangement start to appear in indexes of newspapers and periodicals. From the late 1890's you begin to see more and more references to office systems, office equipment and office managment. It correlates with the rise of scientific management theories and the shift from home based and family based businesses to larger "enterprises" that were often located in city centres.


Mac said...

jesus god sometimes you sound so friggin' smart it's terribly intimidating. *grin*


Ms M said...

Hi Mac,
Thanks for your words of support. I'm happy about the recruits coming through. Recently, I've been feeling a bit like I'm losing sight of what it is that I'm doing so your words mean a lot to me. Thanx.