Friday, February 17, 2006

Blown up democracy, oops did I say blown up?

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I came across a reference to this art installation by Peter Sloterdijk and Gesa Mueller on a site I visit and had to include it on my blog. I really like how the installation captures the absurdity of the United States efforts to export and install democracy in Iraq, like its a Mcdonalds franchise.

"The Pneumatic Parliament project by Peter Sloterdijk and Gesa Mueller van der Haegen brings a sarcastic thrust to the pretended western democracies' supremacy, and to their claim of exporting their own model to other states. The work has been developed in the context of the 'instant democracy' project and it consists of a structure for parliamentary assemblies that can be air-dropped and that self-opens into almost the final form. After minimal corrections of positions it automatically becomes self-sufficient also for its own energy supplying. Perfectly placing itself in the psychological territory of the so much pushed 'fight the international terrorism' propaganda, the project narrates of fictional (but sadly plausible) institutions, that commissions to a single entity the building of the supporting infrastructure of their invasive politics. " from Neural

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