Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Reflections on a trip to Sweden

Just read Glen's recently updated post written back in October of last year on his experiences while in Norrköping, Sweden. I'm heading off in 10 days and his post suddenly made me feel how real it is - that place over there where I'll be so soon. Cool. And cool it will be too... I have started scrounging around for warm things and dug out the old skiing and bushwalking box to try and get together some garments to withstand the plummeting temparatures of late autumn. You know I had a secret plan (not so secret anymore) that I'd go to IKEA while I'm there.


Mac said... are you going to get all the IKEA stuff home on the plane?

And you'll blog from there, right? Because otherwise we'll all miss you terribly, and I'd have to start dragging my feet about this excursion, after having been all-in-favor of it. :)

Also, I just got possibly the longest nonsense word ever in the verification box. This could take a while.

Ms M said...

Yes, that could be a bit tricky. I probably won't be tempted to buy anything too big - it is sort of more of a cultural expedition to visit the home of IKEA. IKEA is quite a big phenomenon in Australia.

Sorry about the word verification. I know it's a bit of a drag but I was getting weary of checking the blog for spam and deleting it manually.

I will most certainly continue to blog from there although not sure what my Internet access arrangements will be like where I'm staying. During the day though, I will be visiting the Advanced Cultural Studies Institute of Sweden (ACSIS) and will have access to a computer and Internet access.

Mac said...

Ah, good, then.

IKEA is a rather big deal here in the Pacific NW of the states, too.

I do hope this isn't the direction of your diss, though...

Ms M said...

No I don't think IKEA is likely to get a look in on the dissertation but it would make an interesting article about the global flows of 'designer' products embodied in the directed flows and passages of the masses through IKEA. I'm also fascinated by the slick promotion of a self-service culture as part of the "design" experience - normally associated with discount outlets and fast food.

You know I find the word verification hard to decipher too - particularly when the letters collide.